Leek pie – Πρασοπιττα

Δευτέρα, 19 Οκτωβρίου, 2009

I was inspired to prepare a leek pie after I saw some beautiful leeks in the market. Here it goes.

leeksSlice them as thin as possible and brown them in olive oil.

pancettaAdd finely chopped cured pancetta (if you do not have it, bacon will do).

mixAdd a couple of finely chopped dry onions and parseley to colour and add taste, coarse sea salt and pepper.

mix-with-yogurtRemove from the heat and let it rest and cool. Add a couple of eggs and a quarter of a kilo of strained yoghourt.

Grate two large apples and add to the mix.Add a spoonful of cracked wheat, and 100 grams of parmesan.

bakedBake in 200 degrees centigrade for one hour.

servedServe and enjoy.


It is a simple, easy to do pie, but the result I am sure will satisfy you and your guests in the table.