Today I went to my cousins’ for lunch. D & K as they are known in the world are a wonderful couple. K  is in charge of support operations, while D, is doing the shopping and cooking. They are a great team, and they have incorporated in their team their best man, who is a woman, M, who is also a great cook. I was the fortunate man to taste their jointly created  menu today.

The weather today in Athens was fantastic, and my cousins’ garden was brilliant under the sun.

First dish out was Imam Bayildi, a turkish dish prepared superbly by D. The eggplant was so tender and delicate, the onions and tomatoes on top were matling in the mouth and together they created an irresistible combination.

D explained that there is an open market for bio products where he buys her food supplies.

The next dish was created by M, who prepared broad beens with dill weed.

What a delicious dish!

M separated the skin from the beans inside and cooked them both together. The beans were tender and tasty , while the skin was velvety. A dash of olive oil, lemon and vinegar was enough to dress the dish.

The third dish was prepared by D. Red peppers from Florina, in the north of Greece, stuffed with minced meat, dry onions, parseley and a dash of rice, cooked in a thich tomato sauce. The peppers were the protagonist of the dish, while the stuffing was keeping my feet on the ground. Dealing with perfection is a very difficult job!

After a much needed garden break, we went back to the business of completing our lunch.

M had prepared orange cooked in syrup, which was full of aroma and firm enough to give me the pleasure of its texture.

It is important to note for those of you unfamiliar with this very Greek sweet, that the orange peel is included.

Next was my contribution to the lunch, a white chocolat gateau with orange on a bed of biscuit and almonds.

As the sun was getting low and a slight chil started developing in the air, we said good bye.  Thank you D, M and K for a wonderful lunch!!!!!